Vintage Trouble, the best and latest act to be signed by legendary manager Doc Mcghee

Vintage Trouble, the best and latest act to be signed by legendary manager Doc Mcghee 5

Vintage Trouble is a new band from Los Angeles with an electrifying sound steeped in classic soul, blues and rock ‘n’ roll.

Singer Ty Taylor calls Vintage Trouble’s music “primitive soul.” He says:

“It’s raw, naked and hard-hitting – soul music with the balls of late ’60s/early ’70s rock ‘n’ roll.”

The name Vintage Trouble is inspired by Taylor’s late father.

“My dad lived the life of a bluesman,” the singer recalls. “He was wild.”

The band formed just one year ago, on February 25, 2010. Key influences include Otis Redding, James Brown and The Rolling Stones. Legendary band manager Doc McGhee (Bon Jovi, Motley Crue, KISS, Guns N’ Roses) states:

“The first time I saw Vintage Trouble on stage, I knew before they had finished the first song that I was going to manage them. Acts like VT are why I am still in this business…pure music straight from the soul …you can’t teach acts that shit …like going full circle…I started off managing James Brown and this isn’t retro it’s the future….great live music…it’s what puts bums on seats.”

The band are also booked by ITB worldwide (Aerosmith, Lenny Kravitz, Jamiroquai).

Ty Taylor learned how to sing at the age of five at a church in his native New Jersey:

“My brand of gospel singing is based on seeing people pass out in church because they were screaming so loud! I was so impressed by people being taken over by the Holy Spirit. I went to church for the entertainment!”

Vintage Trouble is a band that truly comes alive onstage. States Taylor:

“Our shows are out of control, I don’t want people to come and watch – I want people to participate!  I want to see them dancing. This music causes many sexual encounters – every night I see it happening!”

The songs on this sampler are from Vintage Trouble’s limited edition 2010 album “The Bomb Shelter Sessions”. The whole album was cut in three days flat. A debut album proper will be released in 2011

Vintage Trouble can been seen at the below.
Tue 8th Feb      Gibson Rooms, Showcase
Wed 9th Feb     Proud Galleries, Camden – Music Week presents “Breakout” hot new talent
Sat 12th Feb     Barfly, Camden, HMV best new bands show

Further live dates to follow in 2011.

Vintage Trouble – Facebook Page

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5 thoughts on “Vintage Trouble, the best and latest act to be signed by legendary manager Doc Mcghee

  • David Dyson

    First heard them on Later with Jules Holland, I am a 65yrs old and never left sixties music, these guys brought it right up to date, there is a piece of every great band from that era in there. I have recently taken up the guitar again, I now have a new urge to play lead like that, brilliant and uncompromising, they have it all, singer, base,drummer are all individualy excellant, together they are something else.

  • Chris

    Just found out these guys are opening up 2 Bon Jovi shows I’m attending. How unfitting of an opener can you have! The headliner is one of the biggest names in upbeat rock and roll, and then you have an opening act that will put half the crowd to sleep!

  • Phil

    @Chris below. I take it from your comments below that at the time you’d not seen VT live? It’d be hard to find any band out there more upbeat than this lot, with a healthy dose of soul, blues and rock thrown into the mix for good measure and I defy anyone to try sleeping through one of their shows. Would love to have been there to see your reaction when you saw them. I think anyone who loves music would find it very hard not to warm to them and leave the gig grinning like an idiot.