Dana K. Young

About Dana K. Young

An aspiring writer, amateur photographer, and sometime singer, drummer, and artist, Dana Young spent his formative years playing video games, writing stories, listening to music, making racket on a number of cheap drum sets, drawing, quoting movies, and growing up in bars throwing darts at his twin brother rather than the board. Dive-Bar Drinkslinger/Eavesdropper by trade, Dana--now 34--is far past his expiration date devising cocktails and has at long last opted to take the high road. He has recently joined the review crew at Thisisnotascene.com hoping to parlay musical leanings, an open mind and ear, and a penchant for impersonating a human windsock both on and off the page into something fruitful and fun that doesn't require a hangover cure or change of address. "I want to see, hear, and feel the world a bit more than I have walking grooves into the floor behind a bar and tapping drum lines on Formica table tops. I figure writing about and experiencing music in such a way that others can connect, too, is as good a late start as any. The earth may open up and swallow me, or it may just open up. Hold onto your butts: I aim to find out."