Chris McGarel

About Chris McGarel

I am a music junkie living in London. I have been a fan of metal since I was 9 years old. "Number of the Beast" was the first album I bought with my saved up pocket money. My first love though is the golden age of classic prog - Rush, Camel, Yes, Genesis, Marillion, Magma, Jethro Tull, Van Der Graaf Generator. King Crimson have been my favourite band and biggest musical influence for over 20 years.

When not listening to music I can be found attending gigs or recording at home. A guitarist of 25 years, I have been learning drums for 2 years with the goal of producing my first album. Besides prog and metal I listen to a lot of electronic music, krautrock, post rock, jazz and 20th century classical.

My excitement and enthusiasm for music appear to be growing unabated as I leave my 30s and through talking to others I am constantly discovering new (and old) sounds to keep the silence at bay. Silence, not fear, is the mind-killer.