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Miss Evil

MisseviloneGrew up listening to a wild blend of music from Led Zepplin (thanks Mom, you were very cool) to Big Band music and Frank Sinatra (yeah Dad, you were hip too).

Once I heard Iron Maiden,and KISS in the 70s I was hooked. Once the 80s hit and I got to listen to strong>Slayer and Anthrax my metal future was settled. I firmly believe in a wild range of music and try to cram as much in as I can. As much as I don't get to do the live scene anymore, I still have not lost my love of music. You have not experienced music until your Tattoo artist actually keeps time to Rob Zombie and Type O... (Thank you Maribelle, you freaking rock!)

Music is the universal language its the same wherever you go..live it love it be one with it. Im looking forward to sharing my sarcastic and hopefully knowledgable taste in music. Sundays you will find me with my 2nd passion spinning tunes on http://www.metalnationradio.com where my little metal head comes out. One of my favorite things is to play a new band that rocks and sharing that sound.

Welcome to the world of Miss Evil \m/