Pete RingMaster

About Pete RingMaster

Pete RingMaster is a word doodler from the shadows and music is his lifeblood, the reason to start and enjoy each and every day, though deliciously tormenting everyone comes a close second. His blue fingers are involved as A&R with the exciting and ground breaking website Reputation Media, in the promotion of new, unsigned and independent music and artists and he helps create and co-host the live Reputation Radio Show, the site's own award nominated internet radio shows, alongside the inspirational and site creator Johnny Summers. He hunts the internet and streets finding new artists and bands to share with the listening world, though some might say stalking, and is a ‘legend’ in Serbia, though no one knows why, especially himself.

RingMaster writes promotion pieces and music reviews for artists own websites and EPKs, and has his own website containing the dark, sometimes light, and occasionally teasingly delicious poetry from his haunted mind, Carnivale Of Dark Words And Shadows.

Music burst into life for Blue Clown when the first safety pin was inserted and pogo safely executed and his pleasures have never looked back, all genres enjoyed but make it loud, angry and metallic and he is in carnival heaven.