Chris Tippell

About Chris Tippell

Chris Tippell is a young lad from Cambridgeshire who from writing his own blog was found by Raymond for Alternative Matter, much to his surprise. Chris currently spends his time between writing for TINAS and stressing out about University assignments (although hopefully in a couple of months this won’t be a problem anymore, fingers crossed).

Chris enjoys most forms of rock and metal, as well as many other forms of music. He also seems to have not understood the concept of a guilty pleasure, and can be found singing along to songs that he probably shouldn’t be (apologies in advance). He also enjoys watching Football and Wrestling and the usual stuff. Some day after graduation he would like to make a living out of music journalism.

You can follow Chris on Twitter at @ChrisTippell. If you happen to see him at a gig at all he would really love and appreciate a pint of cider.