Ashes of JoyViralpropaganda PR and ThisIsNotAScene team up to bring forth the latest offering from Memories of a Deadman entitled “Ashes of Joy”.

Memories of a Deadman distills an ambient and exhilarating does of modern metal in their fifth LP, “Ashes of Joy”. Assembled weighty and darkly tones in their fifth LP, here is a preview of what will come.

2012 saw a new line up and the band began to incorporate their influences of Tool, Neurosis, Nine Inch Nails, and many more, into a new and exciting sound for them. They navigate between moments of dark and melancholy sound to parts of unbridled pure aggression. This brand of French metal pushes out emotional limits and they lash us with riff after riff, sometimes being too much to bear we collapse under the sheer weight of the sound. The dissect the human spirit for us in an attempt to explore our emotions and teach us something about ourselves.

This is a blend of doom/death/dark/stoner and even drift into hardcore styles. Truly a listening experience.

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