This hasn’t been easy to write and I’ve deleted it more than a dozen times but I have to announce that the doors of TINAS Towers have now closed.  The last 6 years have been a blast and to see TINAS today from where it began still blows my mind. ThisIsNotAScene has given me opportunities and taken me to places that I never thought possible, I met a lot of people and made many great friends over the years.

The decision to close the doors was not an easy one to make but from the outset I always told myself that if it ever felt like a chore or a “job” I would stop. Unfortunately, it has felt like this for me for the last 18 months, the passion I once had for music is no longer there, I no longer have that unbridled excitement and anticipation of my favourite bands’ new releases nor do I get the butterflies in my stomach when bands I want to see announce dates close to me. Music is, and always has been, a huge part of my life and for it to be as big a part of my life going for I need to rekindle the spark I once had. The only way I can get that spark back is to bring TINAS to a close.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone that has contributed to TINAS over the years, the writing team, the photography team, the editorial team, and all of the PRs, labels and bands that have allowed TINAS into their world.

So, it is with a tinge of sadness but also an overwhelming sense of ease at the decision that I say, thank you and goodnight!