WASP Hi-Res Logo 2
Bursting on the scene back in 1982 clad in leather, circular saws and flaming cod pieces whilst bathing their audiences in […]

W.A.S.P. – Golgotha

indian-handcrafts-band 2
A unique mix of stoner metal and progressive metal, “Creeps” is Indian Handcrafts‘ third full-length album featuring a nice blend of […]

Indian Handcrafts – Creeps

Robin Finck 1
While his former bandmate Trent Reznor has spent most of the last decade working on soundtracks, gaining awards and widespread […]

Robin Finck – NOCT OST

Saxon 3
Hell Fucking Yes!! I am on some streak at the moment, I tell you. Every release I am getting for […]

Saxon – Battering Ram

Psych rock’s one man army Ty Segall seems to have a new album out in some guise about once a […]

Fuzz – Fuzz II