Steve Fallows

About Steve Fallows

After being brought up on a healthy diet of Queen & The Beatles, became a lover of all things noisy since upon hearing Iron Maiden’s “Live After Death” back in 1986. Stuck in a grim outpost in Cumbria for the time being, but always looking to escape to gigs and festivals. These are mainly in Manchester and Liverpool, but Donington and Knebworth have also been regular stops on a seemingly never-ending quest for live music. The 200+ shows cover everything from Jean Michel Jarre to The Jesus Lizard, Simon & Garfunkel to Slayer and most things in-between. The highlight (so far) of all these gigs was seeing the “Live After Death” stage show at Twickenham back in 2008.

Have worked in education and youth work for 8 years, currently between jobs and hoping to move away in the coming months to a new job and better opportunities. Outside of work and music, photography and art are major passions. Currently collaborating with several artists and venues on various different projects. This includes working on three music videos over the coming months. Started writing for ThisIsNotAScene in March 2011.

For all sorts of rambling nonsense and occasional sense follow me on twitter @falcoholism and @dvlpmntlstudios for news of my art projects.